Life is Like a Big Project

Yep I wanna share something today which is the theme is “life is like big project”. Sometime life offering us big project, sometime you can deal with it or you can’t deal or fail, sometime you deal with it and somehow u can’t finish it well. The first step u must prepare for the pitching, and the hardest step is always begin with it, after that u must prepare the great mentality for pitching and present it well. sometime you fail at this step and it’s normal. you can learn your competitor movement. Yep sometime life slapping you with reality like that.

Life is big progress, today is my big progress, I giving my power all out, mind, soul, body. Working hard than before working 12 hours everyday sometime more. In the morning i must wake up at 06.00 Am, brew my coffee, take a bath, go to the campus. At the beginning it feel so tired but i just think this is coz my weakness never go hard on my dream and all out. Now I’m giving it all out and after 01.00 Pm  I’m starting learning something, reading book, and do my homework or other, take a lunch and have little rest and back work again till midnight or till dawn.

Now I’m very very enjoy it, and realized oh this is my IKIGAI “Spirit of Life”. It’s not hard but challenging. This is the big part which is I’m not mean big result but big progress. I’m so proud to be myself, I started my journey to create and finding myself since 14 Years old. That’s journey make me like a big person today. Cause in Indonesian it’s very very rare 14yo boys – 19yo boys have a big vision, i mean seriously i’m not gonna be proud to myself. But i have Big vision, idea, the different thinking. When I’m 14yo – 19yo my friend always talk about shoes, tees and other bullshit thing, i said like “fuck ur shoes collection show me ur book collection” I’m not nerd, i just love learn and grow. I’m not follower, I’m Big game changer. I’m preapare this life cause life offer me big project and preapare a big boom whatever it can make you smile or cry. Life always give you a vision and mission to accomplish. Don’t dissappointed you born poor, dont give up, don’t give in, there always answer for everything for a man who can hustling way up. Just keep move, hustle, miracle will come, keep praying. For my brother & sister in this world who had big dream like me “Let’s push the human race forward, break the human limit” Just dream & do and your life never be the same again.

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