The Art of Having Less

The Art of Having Less

In a middle of the night, I want to write something in english not about investment or finance but just about my thought about “The art of having less” and all of this ultimately relates to finance, investment and most importantly for a more meaningful life

There is one interesting premise : “There’s happiness in having less” . I’d like to show you how amazing it is to have less, even this though are is totally opposite of how we’ve been taught about to be happy. Some of us taught that to be happy must have “a and b”, Go Work hard get it and you know what everything we get accumulates and fills all thoughts. We never know what tomorrow bring to us, so we collect things as much as we can, Being greedy on everything.

It’s not that being rich is wrong

No no, Being rich is good. But doesn’t mean rich is wealthy too. Did u know the differences? maybe I will summarize it like this, getting rich and staying wealth are two different things. Sometimes wealth is not about money. It’s also about health, good mental health, a clear and definite source of income, living without debt, and much more.

You may risk everything to get rich, you risk all your wealth for take a shortcut to being rich, you risk your life, your mental and maybe it will ruin your life. Like example you want to buy iPhone 13 but you only have mediocre funds to buy it even you have to take your savings, force everything to get what we like. In fact, we no longer buy the utility of an object but impose prestige and lifestyle. Did we live only to pay debts to buy something that we always and always force when we don’t need it? So this where to start the art of having less

Where to start living less?

Simple, It’s starting from our clothes, our room or even our house. I’m started by reducing unnecessary clothes in my closet, some were too small, some were still good but I rarely used it.

I started to leave eight shirts (5 black shirts and the three shirt remaining white) because I like basic colors.
Two shorts and pants for sleeping, four Shirts for formal work or meeting clients, 1 coat and 4 trousers. Literally I only had 19 things on my cupboard (Not including panties, how much panties? It’s secret hahaha)

Previously I had almost 50 clothes in my wardrobe, every time I wanted to meet a client, I chose clothes for a long time and it was consumed a lot of time and energy. This is where it’s important to start living less start with something simple.

The Impact of Having Less on Life

What’s the impact ?

You can control your finances not to buy things you don’t need, you can think more rationally and clearly, control your greed and fear. In my life as an investor I learned not to be greedy in buying and not to buy shares or companies that I never understood the business model, system and more

the benefits of having less are extraordinary and impactful whatever your profession, start from small things. Thank you for have read until below and God bless

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