Find Your Bundle of Joy

How to Find Your Bundle of Joy ? I dont know, But for me I worked hard cause it’s my Ikigai and my Bundle of Joy, it’s contain lot of joy and you know what ? Joy attract more joy. I like the stories that come with things and think that wherever you are. You should feel like you are already there. Always go with your best shoot and idea. Regardless of where it came from and be willing to learn from anybody, keep your glass empty, eventhough you learn something doesn’t mean you must agree with it

Do what’s got to be done everyday. The basic things matter. Try not to be jerk. The truth doesn’t always make sense, but it ussually feels right. Try to make something everyday, say thanks everyday to the lord and people who love you. The only free will is how well you respond to fate, so steel yourself and smile. Work can be a beautiful things when you done beautifully.

The Essence

Find Your Bundle of Joy from a gratitude that you say every day, from every breath that you must be aware of and fully aware of being present intact. Stop comparing yourself, you already perfect with the portion as yours, because that’s your happiness and always will be or even more.

The perfection of roses and daffodils is different, their meanings are also different. just like us, we each have our share, and I believe humans have come to find meaning and become their own essence for their environment.

Find Your Bundle of joy, attract more joy and share it

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